The double and single spiral mixers with removable bowl of the DoubleMix VE and SingleMix VE series are the latest models of high performance professional machines, suitable for elevated production lines. These machines are able to execute 4-5 mixtures per hour with the single spiral and 8-10 mixtures per hour with the double spiral are ideal for preparing bread dough. They provide a significant increase in the development process, resulting in excellent refining and oxygenation of the dough. These mixers can work all types of leavened dough and all types of baking dough (for dough with less than 45% humidity level, consult with our technical department). The motor that powers the spirals can vary from 25 to 50 KW according to the type of dough, supplying an ample power reserve and guaranteeing the necessary torque in even the most diffi cult situations. The bowl, whose rotation is guaranteed by wide gears, is constructed in induction tempered steel and powered by an oil bath lubricated gear motor and an independent motor, which permits the inversion of the bowl to facilitate premixing when necessary. The transmission between the gear motor and the bowl gears is made up of belts and pulleys with a strap protection device. A hydraulic system controls the piston that opens and closes the head of the mixer, while two pistons activate two cone-shaped pins for blocking. The hydraulic system operates only when the head is opening and closing, and turns off automatically when the machine is closed. To ensure reliability, the size of the pistons is such that they can guarantee very low operating pressure (maximum 80 bar), while the quality of the oil in the bowl permits excellent temperature stabilization, even during continuous use. The bowl is blocked in the working position by two extremely reliable and powerful electromagnets, while the pressure on the bowl caused by the spirals is absorbed directly by selfaligning rollers. The bowl cover is constructed in stainless steel and has a polyethylene border with an internal flap for guaranteeing a firm seal and for preventing any flour spills, and a pressure-sensitive bar protects the opening and provides accident prevention. The electrical apparatus is situated in a side box (right or left) which is isolated from the machine, completely watertight, easy to inspect and covered by a control panel with the opening and closing command buttons, while the operative section is controlled by two automatic programmable timers. A command permits the inversion of the bowl in the 1st speed.
Model kW Weight (kg) Bowl (Lt.)
VE 250 24/29 2350 230
VE 330 24/19 2380 510
VE 400 26/37 2650 650
VE 500 26/37 2700 720

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