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Laboratorio Sigma

Laboratory for tests

In our seat in Torbole Casaglia a well equipped laboratory has been arranged to test all our products.
In this way our customers have the opportunity to verify the way how our machines work their dough and therefore they can touch with their hand the result of the process of production Sigma labelled.
Come and discover!

Studio progetti

Study of special projects

Our technical office has been looking for innovative ideas in order to reach the excellence and the highest reliability of the products offered.
Equipped with the most modern designing systems, our team knows how to exploit in the best way the experience gradually reached in the years in the development of machines in series and how to find solutions for specific needs for new productive plants or for completing systems already operative in the fully-developed craft or in industry.

Command & Diagnostic

Command & Diagnostic

Thanks to the efficiency progresses reached with the up-to-date systems IOT, we have developed the possibility “to check" our machines remotely.
On request our products can be equipped with special systems, that by means of a web portal, are able to give information about the characteristics and the consumptions to the users.
According to the needs, we can return a less or more complete set of dates/alert through an IOS APP.
All our customers can enter a reserved area of the portal "Sigma C&D" and get the technical information/manuals/videos concerning the machines bought.