The Tauro RB mixers are ideal for pizza or small quantity of bread dough. To facilitate product removal and cleaning operations, it is possible to manually raise the mixer head and extract the stainless steel bowl. The central stainless steel column improves the performance of the mixer. The simple and functional electrical control equipment complies with current regulations.
Manual opening and closing of the mixer head and removable bowl
Stainless steel bowl, spiral and shaft
PETG plastic bowl lid with hole for inserting ingredients
Three-phase motor
Transmission with mechanical reducer and chain
Kinematic motion on pre-lubricated ball bearings
CE rules
Model kW Weight (kg) Bowl (L) Bowl dimension (mm) Dimension (mm) Max flour (kg) Min water (L)
TAURO RB 25 1.1/0.8 114 32 420X260 420x800x760 16 9
TAURO RB 35 1.4/1.0 126 48 480X300 480x830x760 22 12

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