The vertical pasta rolling machine presented has been designed for rolling pasta in small environments where space is at a premium. It has the advantage of being very compact during operation and becoming even more compact when it is not used. Two hardchrome ground steel cylinders, with easy-to-remove scrapers, ensure perfect rolling and the powerful driving parts permit working tenacious and hard pasta. Cylinder opening and closing is controlled by an easy-to-use handle featuring two adjusters, for minimum and maximum thickness. This means the machine can also be used to roll pizzas (double rolling), for pan baking or small quantities of puff pastry. The machine is ideal for rolling fresh pasta and allows rolling very fine sheets of extremely uniform pasta. Special focus has been placed on the accident-prevention systems and controls, which fully comply with applicable standards, while the only maintenance required is periodical cleaning and checking.
Laminating cylinders rectified with hard chrome
Contacting parts in no-toxic material
Outgoing strips
Adjustable lever with double block min/max
CE rules
ETL and EAC certification
Special tensions
Cloth and cylinders with variable speed
Special version for fresh pasta
Model kW Weight (kg) Voltage Dimension opened (mm) Dimension closed (mm)
T50 3 phase version 0.55 70 400/3/50 760x580x600 760x400x600
T50 1 phase version 0.55 70 220/1/50 760x580x600 760x400x600

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Code Model Description Voltage kW
T5000084 T50 Vertical sheeter 400/3/50 0,55
T5000396 T50 Vertical sheeter 220/1/50 0,55