Discover Pizza line!

Sigma pizza machines are functional and reliable. The range of our pizza machines offers complete coverage for all stages of pizza preparation: kneading the dough, dividing and rounding the portions and rolling out pizza with the crust. Among the Sigma pizza equipment, you can find 5 main products, designed to reduce effort and respect the quality of the dough:

  • Tauro: benchtop spiral mixers for kneading from 3 kg to 40kg of pizza dough. Avaible with one or two speeds, with a fixed or removable bowl.
  • Dr1411: benchtop divider-rounder to portion the dough and round up to 800/1000 pizza dough balls per hour, from 150 gr to 650 gr;
  • Sprizza: a patented cold spreading system. It reproduces the manual skills of a pizzaiolo. Ideal to make a pizza with crust, up to 40 or 50 cm in diameter.

To complete our range of pizza machines:

  • Sfera: screw rounder for dough balls from 50 gr to 1800 gr;
  • Vertical bench sheeter

DR 14-11
Bench divide-rounders
  • Manual cutting 14 or 11 sections
  • Automatic rounding with timer
  • CE rules
Screw Rounder
  • Solid and sturdy structure
  • Pratically maintenance-free
  • Interchangeable aluminium endless screws
Cold system pizza spinner
  • Cold system for spreading the pizza dough
  • Patented micro-rolling system
  • Execution of the edge
Vertical sheeter
  • Laminating cylinders rectified with hard chrome
  • Contacting parts in no-toxic material
  • Outgoing strips
Spiral mixers with removable bowl
  • Manual opening and closing of the mixer head and removable bowl
  • Stainless steel bowl, spiral and shaft
  • PETG plastic bowl lid with hole for inserting ingredients
Bench spiral mixers with fixed bowl
  • Stainless steel bowl, spiral, shaft and grid
  • Kinematic motion on pre-lubricated ball bearings
  • Frontal control panel with watertight seals (Tauro 12 and 18 not included)