Perfect Mix is the name of these planetary mixers with exceptionally innovative features. A greater range of speeds distinguishes them from the other machines on the market and gives the possibility of increasing the number of workable products, greatly increasing the capacity to give volume to emulsified products and to be able to mix even the thickest doughs at very low speeds. The operator himself can assign to the preset speeds from the factory, the number of revolutions of the tool that most prefer thanks to a touch screen panel installed on the machine. Other important new features include: contact diagnostics, the setting of the wished language and the ability to program and memorize 5 recipes with multiple mixing steps. Great innovation of the PERFECT Mix line is the innovative system of pouring the ingredients through a hole in the center of the planetarium. This patented innovation allows an excellent distribution of the ingredients during the mixing phase. The power of the motors coupled with coaxial gearboxes gives the machine the possibility of working even in the most critical situations, however always respecting the use tables limits indicated in the manuals. Under the plastic protection in PETG, easily removable for a more accurate cleaning, there is a led light that guarantees excellent visibility of the product during its mixing. Many parts, usually treated with chemical food or painted nickel, have been replaced with AISI 304 stainless steel ones, for greater guarantees of hygiene and durability. Particular attention was paid to to remove as many as possible screws and protrusions from the structure, creating an ergonomic and highly cleanable equipment. The PERFECT Mix range consists of 2 models (40 and 60lt) with manual bowl lifting and three models (40-60 and 80lt) with motorized bowl lifting and lowering of the bowl and total disengagement of the tool for an easier removal from the machine. In addition to standard equipment such as bowl, blade, whisk and a spiral, the machines can be equipped with a large number of accessories such as scrapers, special whisks, bowl trolleys, reduction kits for tank and tools and bowl lifters of different heights.
Multilingual touch screen for recipes programming
Removable plastic cover for optimal product look
Hole for the introduction of ingredients
Internal bowl lighting
Powerful and innovative transmission
Simplified maintenance
Customizable mixing speed
Model kW Voltage Bowl (L) Weight (kg) Bowl dimension (mm) Dimension (mm)
PM40 2,2 400/3/50 40 210 400x400 800x1000x1325
PM60 3 400/3/50 60 218 460x460 800x1000x1325
PM40DT 2,2 400/3/50 40 250 400x400 750x1000x1575
PM60DT 3 400/3/50 60 265 460x460 750x1000x1575
PM80DT 3 400/3/50 80 280 510x510 750x1000x1575

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Off-the-shelf delivery

Code Model Description Speeds Bowl volume (lt) Bowl lifting Voltage kW
MAGDT60032 PERFECT MIX 60 DT Planetary mixer with electronic speed variator 6 60 Motorized 400/3/50 2,2
MAGDT80032 PERFECT MIX 80 DT Planetary mixer with electronic speed variator 6 80 Motorized 400/3/50 3