Discover Pastry Line!

Every professional pastry shop or artisan laboratory of sweets and cakes must equip itself with robust and reliable pastry machinery and equipment, capable of making the simplest compounds such as whipped cream and creams, and the most complex doughs, such as those of pastries, biscuits, cakes, up to large leavened products such as panettone or the Easter Colomba. They must also support the pastry chef in the realization of innovative ideas for pastry.

The essential machinery and equipment for pastry that you can find on this page are:

  • Professional planetary mixer from 7.5 liters up to 160 liters; for whipping, mixing and kneading with three tools: whisk, blade and spiral.
  • Twin arms mixer for naturally leavened products.
  • Professional dough sheeter ideal for croissants and brioches.
  • Grinder: to grind nuts, chocolate and refine sugar.
  • Cream cooker for all types of creams.

The pastry machines produced by Sigma are made in Italy.

Professional planetary mixer for pastry, bread and pizza dough
  • From 7.5 lt to 160 lt
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Motorized bowl lifting (40÷160 L)
Best Mix
Planetary mixers with mechanical speed variator
  • Mechanical speed variator
  • 7 speeds (10-20-30-40 L)
  • 15 speeds (60-80 L)
Planetary mixers with electronic speed variator
  • From 7,5 lt to 60 lt
  • Electronic variator (inverter)
  • 6 speeds
Cream cookers with gas burner
  • Horizontally pivoted bowl
  • Stainless steel blade with scrapers
  • Kinematic motions on pre-lubricated ball bearings
Electric Cooker
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Electric heating
  • Double stainless steel bowl with thermic oil inside
Perfect Mix
Planetary mixers with customizable speed
  • From 40 lt to 80 lt
  • Customizable mixing speed
  • Multilingual touch screen for recipes programming
Automatic planetary mixers with total disengagement
  • From 60 lt to 160 lt
  • 5 speeds + pause + continuous variation (inverter)
  • Programmable control panel with watertight seals
2 cylinders grinding machine
  • Granite cylinders
  • Cast iron shoulders
  • Hardened, tempered and rectified gears in oil bath
Sheeter SFG
Dough sheeters for pastry
  • Rolling cylinders ground and polished in hard chrome Ø 73
  • Belts with different speeds
  • Universal and reversible scrapers
  • Electro-welded steel trolley with painted iron column
  • 2 rechargeable batteries 12 V each
  • Control panel with battery level indicator, button for bowl raising and lowering and emergency button
  • Welded steel body
  • Gears in oil bath
  • Bowl and arms in stainless steel