Essential mixer for pastry shops, bakeries, confectionery industries and pizzeria. The twin arms system oxygenates the dough and reduces its heating, obtaining thus excellent results in the final product. The mobility of the arms improves the quality of the dough. The structure of the machine is of thick painted steel; all models are sturdy, silent and reliable. The bowl and the arms are made of special stainless steel. The arms drive gears are of special cast iron in an oil bath. The machine is mounted on ball bearings and is supplied with two speeds and optional timer. All the parts can be easily disassembled for replacement. The machine is fitted on wheels and manufactured in accordance with CE norms.
Welded steel body
Gears in oil bath
Bowl and arms in stainless steel
Fork arm adjustable in height
Bowl guard of transparent AR
Double speed
CE rules
Special tensions
Stainless steel version
Model Dough capacity (kg) kW Weight (kg) Voltage Dimension (mm)
IBT 40 40 1.5/2.2 300 400/3/50 610x840x1320
IBT 50 50 1.5/2.2 320 400/3/50 610x850x1380
IBT 60 60 1.5/2.2 340 400/3/50 610x850x1420
IBT 80 80 2.0/3.2 525 400/3/50 750x1030x1650
IBT 120 120 3.7/5.9 720 400/3/50 930x1100x1840
IBT 160 160 3.7/5.9 770 400/3/50 930x1100x1910

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