The mixers of the SUPER PREMIUM line are equipped with a spiral and a removable bowl that rotates through a gear. and will allow you to achieve great refining and oxygenation. The mixer is powered by a belt drive with double transmission and by a motor, controlled by an inverter, that allows you to customize the revolution speed of the tools. The bowl is driven by a plastic gear connected to a crown gear underneath the bowl and fixed to it, thus ensuring the equipment is quiet and resistant. This mechanism rotates the bowl even if there is fat and oily material on the edges. Also in this case, an inverter drives the motor that activates the gear, allowing you to customise the bowl revolution speed and its reversal. A hydraulic system opens and closes the machine head to pull out the bowl trolley that is locked into place during mixing with a powerful and highly reliable. The PLC control panel is conveniently located on an external console, with a touch-screen panel that allows you to store your recipes and mixing process. All models come with bowl, spiral, AISI 304 stainless steel central shaft, double transmission drive, adjustable stainless steel feet and an accident prevention bar.
Bowl, spiral, shaft in stainless steel
Two motors: 1 for the 2 speeds spiral and 1 for the bowl with inversion
Double trasmission
Bowl jogs button
PLC control panel
Bowl rotation by gear system
Bowl speed regulated by inverter
Stainless steel adjustable feet
Control board by touch-screen panel on external box
Mixer head driven by hydraulic system
Special tools
Special tension
Higher power versions
Spiral speed control by inverter
Model kW Weight (kg) Voltage Bowl (L) Dimension (mm)
VE 160 SP 11.75 1000 400/3/50 230 1250x1850x1900
VE 200 SP 11.75 1030 400/3/50 290 1250x1850x1900
VE 250 SP 15.75 1060 400/3/50 370 1350x2000x1950
VE 300 SP 18.75 1080 400/3/50 400 1350x2000x1950

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