This line of fixed bowl spiral mixers GREEN LINE is characterized by the following main features:
  • 25% energy saving at each manufacturing cycle;
  • 1 motor for both spiral and bowl;
  • double speed, with possibility of inversion in 1st speed;
  • solid and sturdy construction with thick steel frame;
  • bowl protection according to the latest safety standards;
  • great power reserves;
  • compact design;
  • the ability to knead both small and large quantities of dough perfectly;
  • high reliability;
  • solid mechanical design, easy to be inspected;
  • practically maintenance-free;
  • minimum quantity of water 50%.
The mixers of the GREEN LINE are normally supplied with standard equipment including a control panel with two digital timers for 1st e 2nd speed and the possibility of the bowl inversion only in 1st speed. An emergency key selector allows manual operation excluding time control at both speeds. This is useful in case of timers shortcomings, for avoiding the standstill of the machine.
Energy saving 25% per working cycle
Just one motor with double speed and inversion
Stainless steel bowl, spiral and shaft
Device for manual use
Control panel with digital timers
Machine mounted on wheels
CE rules
ETL and EAC certification
Special tensions
Drain bowl cap
PLC control panel
Stainless steel version
Temperature probe
Water dosing
Green Line
Model kW Weight (kg) Voltage Bowl (L) Dimension (mm) Max flour (kg) Min water (L)
GREENLINE 50 HD 3 phase 2.2 182 400/3/50 67 530x920x1140 30 17
GREENLINE 50 HD 1 phase 2.2 182 220/1/50 67 530x920x1140 30 17
GREENLINE 60 HD 3 phase 2.2 192 400/3/50 81 590x950x1140 35 21
GREENLINE 60 HD 1 phase 2.2 192 220/1/50 81 590x950x1140 35 21
GREENLINE 80 3.7 330 400/3/50 130 720x1120x1310 50 30
GREENLINE 120 5.1 490 400/3/50 170 790x1120x1450 75 45

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