PE is the name of this line of planetary mixers with exceptional features. With their outstanding speed ratio, they offer the best results in terms of quality when used for making emulsions, mixtures and dough for pastrymaking and food preparations. The thousands of units we have produced testify to the reliable and longlasting performance of these machines. All the models guarantee that the bowl goes up and down automatically with the total disengagement of the tool, they are equipped with an electronic variator and an easy-to-use programmable control panel. Thanks to their longlasting power supply and durable construction these machines stand up to rigorous professional use. The protection grid, which is easily detachable for cleaning, the safety devices, the fact that most parts of the machines are treated with nickel plating for food use and the certified paint finishes we use have earned this series the approval of the most prestigious international quality certifiers. In addition to the standard features like the bowl, the blade, the whip and the spiral, these machines can also be equipped with a number of extra accessories like scrapers, special whips, trolleys for bowls, transparent safety protection, reducers (just for the models PE60 PE80), meat mincers, vegetable slicers, reduction bowls and tools and gas burners. All these features offer our customers a wide range of choices, allowing them to obtain the maximum efficiency and versatility from our machines.
From 60 lt to 160 lt
5 speeds + pause + continuous variation (inverter)
Programmable control panel with watertight seals
High thickness steel sheet structure
Hardened, tempered and rectified gears in oil bath
Timer, revolution counter and thermometer with heart probe
Motorized bowl lifting
Long bowl stroke for the total tool disengagement
Easily removable turnable protection
CE rules - EAC certification
Special tensions
Smaller bowls and tools available
Air injection system
Stainless steel version
PLC control panel
Drain bowl cap
Bowl lightnig
Water nebulisation system
Heating bowl system
Wall tools stand
Model kW N° Speeds Weight (kg) Voltage Bowl (L) Bowl lifting Bowl dimension (mm) Dimension (mm) Standard tools
POWERMIX 60 2.20 5 + Pause
284 400/3/50 60
on wheels
Motorized 450x430 770x1000x1750 Blade Whisk Spiral
POWERMIX 70 3.00 5 + Pause
300 400/3/50 75
on wheels
Motorized 460x470 770x1000x1750 Blade Whisk Spiral
POWERMIX 80 4.00 5 + Pause
410 400/3/50 80
on wheels
Motorized 480x506 770x1030x1960 Blade Whisk Spiral
POWERMIX 100 4.00 5 + Pause
430 400/3/50 100
on wheels
Motorized 510x600 770x1030x1960 Blade Whisk Spiral
POWERMIX 120 4.00 5 + Pause
595 400/3/50 120
on wheels
Motorized 550x600 980x1115x2045 Blade Whisk
POWERMIX 160 5.50 5 + Pause
630 400/3/50 160
on wheels
Motorized 600x600 980x1115x2045 Blade Whisk

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