The machine proposed here performs the typical functions which have made it indispensable for any bakery to obtain “banana” shaped bread, loaves and any other kind of “folded” shapes. Updated computer aided design has made it possible to create a modern machine, featuring improved quality and top-level technology. The machine operating limits have been extended to cover a production range of pieces from a minimum of 25 g to a maximum of 1000 g. New controls developped over 360° allow the best possible adjustments for any laminating thickness and folding required. Thanks to the wide return slide, the machine can be operated by just one person. Transmission to the upper belt can be disconnected to leave it stopped; meanwhile the rest of the machine can continue to operate and be used as a small cylinder. The machine requires no special maintenance, the three belts can be removed for replacement. Its modern appearance refl ects the new hygienic concepts for easy cleaning and easy inspection; moreover the machine respects the new European rules concerning accident-prevention standards. The motor-driven loaf moulder, when fitted alongside the moulder, makes it possible to obtain an efficient combination for producing all longer bread shapes, such as French baguette, loaves, long grissini etc.
Two cylinders mm 600
Pieces weight from 20 to 1500 g
Return chute
CE rules
Mounted on wheels
Special tensions
Model kW Weight (kg) Voltage Dimension (mm)
F600/2 0.75 130 400/3/50 825x1085x1205
TF600 0.75 180 400/3/50 825x2005x1205

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