The feeding hoppers are able to provide to the dividers below blocks of dough through a system of triangular lobes (portions of dough variable in weight, according to the type and length of the lobes used) or through a guillotine cutting system. This machine is equipped with two depth sensors: the first shows if the divider below needs dough; the second one placed at the top of the hopper indicates through a light when the hopper is almost empty. A frame, made of steel elements, supports the machine at the wished height and, at request, it can be mounted on translating systems for feeding more lines or for having a free position for cleaning. Some options are available as: hopper covered with Teflon inside, lubrication system of the triangular lobes, an oil nebulization system of the hopper (suitable for sticky and soft dough) as well as special versions for half-dry or granulose mixtures. On demand the feeding hopper can be integrated with a crumbler, very interesting for the production of cookies. Particular care has been taken in choosing the materials, the parts in contact with the dough are in PE or stainless steel , easily disassembled for normal cleaning and washing.
Stainless steel feeding hopper
Contact parts in stainless steel or polyethylene
Internal parts easy to disassemble for cleaning
Programmer of pieces to be discharged
Sensors for automatic working
CE rules
EAC certification
Internal parts lubrication system
Hopper oil nebulization system
Translating hopper
Rotating reels for hard dough
PLC control panel
Fixed or removable inspection platforms
Stainless steel frame
Model Type kW Weight (kg) Voltage Hopper capacity (L) Pieces dimension (mm) Dimension (mm)
TR 350 Stars cutting feeding hopper 1.5 310 400/3/50 350 300x350 1240x1240x2600
TR 400 Stars cutting feeding hopper 1.5 320 400/3/50 400 300x400 1240x1240x2600
TR 500 Stars cutting feeding hopper 1.5 340 400/3/50 500 300x500 1240x1240x2600
TR 350G Guillotine cutting feeding hopper - 210 - 350 - 1240x1240x2600
TR 400G Guillotine cutting feeding hopper - 220 - 400 - 1240x1240x2600
TR 500G Guillotine cutting feeding hopper - 240 - 500 - 1240x1240x2600
TR 350SB Feeding hopper with crumbler 4.5 450 400/3/50 350 On request 1240x1240x2600
TR 400SB Feeding hopper with crumbler 4.5 460 400/3/50 400 On request 1240x1240x2600
TR 500SB Feeding hopper with crumbler 5.7 500 400/3/50 500 On request 1240x1240x2600

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