SCUDO is born!

Submitted by Team Sigma on Mon, 07/06/2020 - 10:10
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Scudo is born

SCUDO, Specialized & CUstomized DOugh mixing solutions, was born from the partnership of Sigma and Spiromatic.

Watch the co-founders’ interview: together we DOugh it better!

SIGMA, Italy... the leader manufacturer of kneading machines and planetary mixers for bakery, pastry and pizza, both in the artisanal and industrial sectors. Sigma shares its expertise in the art of mixing with clients and has been delivering the greatest cutting-edge solutions for dough-mixing since 1974.

SPIROMATIC, Belgium...

...has been an international reference in pre food processing, developing customized and sustainable turnkey solutions for automated storage, conveying, weighing and dosing of solid and liquid ingredients in the food industry since 1963.

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Designing Dough-Mixing Solutions