Professional planetary mixers for the artisan and industrial pastry field

Sigma designs and manufactures planetary mixers for the artisan and industrial pastry field. Professional planetary mixers are indispensable machines for pastry shops, delicatessens, restaurants and artisan workshops. Thanks to the planetary movement of the tools, they can whip, mix, emulsify and knead different types of products such as whipped cream, egg whites, stuffed with meat, Russian salad, shortcrust pastry, soft dough for desserts.

Sigma offers 5 planetary mixer lines with different characteristics:
  • Chef: planetary mixer with electronic variation with 6 speeds, bowl capacity 7.5 litres, 10 litres, 20 litres, 30 litres, 40 and 60 litres, the three-phase motor with single-phase power supply;
  • BestMix: planetary mixer for intensive use with mechanical variation at 7 or 15 speeds, bowl capacity from 10 litres to 80 litres, three-phase power supply;
  • Aeromix: planetary mixer (Sigma patent) to also make dough for bread and pizza, bowl capacity from 7.5 litres to 160 litres;
  • PerfectMix: premium planetary mixer with electronic variation and customizable speed, bowl volume from 40 litres to 80 litres;
  • PowerMix: planetary mixer with electronic variation from 75 litres to 160 litres.
  • From 7.5 lt to 160 lt
  • Stainless steel bowl
  • Motorized bowl lifting (40÷160 L)
Best Mix
  • Mechanical speed variator
  • 7 speeds (10-20-30-40 L)
  • 15 speeds (60-80 L)
  • From 7,5 lt to 60 lt
  • Electronic variator (inverter)
  • 6 speeds
  • High production capacity
  • Powerful and efficient
Perfect Mix
  • From 40 lt to 80 lt
  • Customizable mixing speed
  • Multilingual touch screen for recipes programming
  • From 60 lt to 160 lt
  • 5 speeds + pause + continuous variation (inverter)
  • Programmable control panel with watertight seals