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22 April 2021
spiral mixer and automation in bakery

Spiral mixer with removable bowl and PLC systems has this goal: to reduce manual operations introducing automation in the production process. Thanks to automation, it is possible to improve the results and efficiency of the production plants.

The degree of automation in the realities that produce bakery products is not homogeneous and depends on the size and type of production of the laboratory or company.

15 March 2021
Traditional Easter baked goods

Easter will come in less than a month. It's time to churn out the traditional Easter baked goods for bakers and pastry chefs. How do you celebrate Easter in the world? Let's take a virtual journey to find out inspiration.

19 March 2020
Screw rounder

The pluses of a very useful machine for making bread and pizza: the screw rounder model “Sfera”

16 December 2019
Best Mix planetary mixer

Looking for a top quality planetary mixer? Find out the potentiality of Best Mix by Sigma and how to use it.

22 October 2019
Sigma’s pizza spinner

An excellent dough with the edge and perfectly stretched: find out Sprizza, the Sigma cold spreading machine for pizza.

17 May 2019
Technologies for bakeries: the lifts

Machines for a perfect bread shaping with every kind of dough: the baguette and the long loaf moulder. Read more

8 March 2019
Technologies for bakeries: the lifts

What the best solution to improve your daily work in bakery? Find out how the lift can help you for a more efficient result and a lightweight dough!

28 January 2019
Industrial cookers for agri-food

The main advantages of industrial cookers for producers and consumers? Read more!

31 October 2018
How to set up a professional pizzeria

Have you decided to open a pizzeria? Do you want to be different from your competitors? Start from choosing the best instruments!

18 September 2018
Why choose a professional sheeter

Professional sheeter, a must have for your pastry and restaurant cooking. Find out how it can help in your daily job!