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13 July 2022
Industrial Pizza Line

Sigma Industrial Pizza Line is a patented cold system for spreading pizza dough balls with rollers. It has been designed to achieve results in terms of efficiency and quality of the final product.

16 June 2022

Sigma designs and produces different models and types of dough mixers for artisanal bakeries or for small bakery industries. They are dough mixers for bread, pizza, leavened products, snacks, biscuits, hydrated doughs, and hard doughs. With spiral dough mixers, the combined movement of bowl and spiral ensures a homogeneous dough. All Sigma dough mixers for the bakery are made in Italy.

4 May 2022
Professional planetary mixer

A professional planetary mixer is used to whip, beat and mix ingredients together. This pastry machine can make soft dough for cake and pastry products and all types of cream.

The characteristics of a professional planetary mixer

The peculiarity of a planetary mixer is given by two distinct and combined rotary movements of the tool. The tool (spiral, shovel or whip) turns on itself and, at the same time, turns around a point in the centre of the bowl.

4 April 2022
pastry 80lt planetary mixer

80-litre planetary mixer is machinery for pastry ideal for confectionery production. There are different types of 80-litre planetary mixers. Sigma offers 4 different professional planetary mixer models for sale with a bowl volume of 80 litres.

4 March 2022
highly hydrated dough

Today the artisan bakery cannot do without the professional dough mixer, essential machinery among the equipment for baking. Greater performance, less effort and lower weight of skills on the final result are just some of the advantages offered. There are different dough mixers for bakery: spiral mixers, twin arms mixers or fork mixers. However, in choosing the most suitable one, you need to consider the types of dough made.

18 February 2022
planetary mixer for pastry

A 20 litres planetary mixer is a pastry machine equipped with a stainless steel bowl with a volume of 20 litres and three mixing tools: a whisk, a blade and a spiral. It can be a benchtop machine or a floor standing machine with stainless steel feet. During a working phase, a stainless steel grid closes the bowl and guarantees safety for the worker.

4 January 2022
dough machine

Dough machine is essential for both the professional bakery sector and the professional pastry sector. The choice of dough machine is wide and you risk buying a machine that is not suitable for your needs. Using the correct professional machine, whether it is a spiral mixer or a planetary mixer, as well as being a good investment in economic terms, determines the quality of the final product.

22 April 2021
spiral mixer and automation in bakery

Spiral mixer with removable bowl and PLC systems has this goal: to reduce manual operations introducing automation in the production process. Thanks to automation, it is possible to improve the results and efficiency of the production plants.

The degree of automation in the realities that produce bakery products is not homogeneous and depends on the size and type of production of the laboratory or company.

15 March 2021
Traditional Easter baked goods

Easter will come in less than a month. It's time to churn out the traditional Easter baked goods for bakers and pastry chefs. How do you celebrate Easter in the world? Let's take a virtual journey to find out inspiration.

19 March 2020
Screw rounder

The pluses of a very useful machine for making bread and pizza: the screw rounder model “Sfera”